Practice makes perfect.

Human brain has an extraordinary potential to perform miracles of intellectual power.

Menar trains young brains and their miracles come out in the form of magical show of miraculous mental calculations on the stage of Menar Olympic Games

Selected videos of TV reports of Menar Olympics
Nov 2016
Menar 2016 International Vilnius Olympics on November 26th 2016

Around 220 Menar students from Russia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda had tough competition in 2016-2017 Menar Abacus Mental Arithmetic Olympic Games on November 26, 2016 at Crown Plaza in Vilnius. Click on the image for more details and pictures.

Moments Captured

Greeting the audience on the olympic stage

21   sep,  2013

Mesude Sen and Halit Sen greeting the audience with Prof. Dr. Orhan Kural's Maths book

Memories never to be forgotten

21   sep,  2013

They worked and they won and now are proudly showing their awards.

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